Monday, August 26, 2002

Well Thank God That's Over

Enetation (my free commenting service, and read "free" to mean "you get what you paid for") is all screwed up. They are apparently recoding the whole system and buying new servers, so it'll be (at least) another week before there's commenting available on the ol' blog again.

It's therefore a perfect time to brag about the kick-ass draft I pulled off this Saturday.

Here's the team I stole from the idiots I play this silly game with, and with which the Gotham City Dark Knights will surely crush their foes into the dust from whence they came:

Q - Duante Culpepper (MIN)
Q - Trent Green (KSC)
Q - Drew Bledsoe (BUF)
B - Ricky Williams (MIA)
B - Deuce McAllister (NWO)
B - Michael Bennett (MIN)
R - Joe Horn (NWO)
R - James Thrash (PHI)
R - Marcus Pollard (IND)
K - Olindo Mare (MIA)
K - Doug Brien (MIN)

I'll go out on a limb here and say my only possible weak spot is at receiver, but that shouldn't matter. With Duante, Williams and McAllister playing each week, I'll have three of the ten best running backs in the league on the field, and one of them will also be playing quarterback and throwing for several more touchdowns each week.

Yeah, I'm feelin' cocky. Deal with it - you can't say anything about it at the moment anyway.

* blows a raspberry *

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Just a Quick Update From the Fish Department

This was probably inevitable - now, thanks to your friends on the world wide web (motto: find a meme and exploit it by selling cheesy graphics and trinkets about it before it disapears), you can fill all your snakehead-related product needs at, including, they say, "clothing, sporting accessories, toys, games, and food snacks".

Well, okay - for now, just clothing. T-shirts, specifically. Hey, they've been busy on the graphics, no doubt!

I plan on checking back periodically to see what progress has been made on the games and food snacks. Umm, snakeheads!

Sunday, August 11, 2002

To All Each Both of My Loyal Readers:

I regret to announce that IBNH will be going on semi-hiatus for the next few months. Oh sure, there's family, work and civic responsibilities that must take precedence, but they've always been there - however, in less than two weeks now, I have an even more important responsibility to attend to. After all, they don't call me the Humble and Beloved Commissioner for nothing. I have a reputation to uphold.

Please keep me linked and/or bookmarked for the duration - I may well pop by and update, and after the football season, who knows, I might start up again in earnest. Meanwhile, I will need to curtail my blogging, 9622ing, and MetaFiltering somewhat - also, I have to renege on my earlier offer to run a fantasy league for The dot-com implosion really hit home when, just a couple weeks ago, the weasels at suddenly announced that the commissioner package we've been using for free the last two seasons would now cost us $140 ($120 if you sign up now, as a return user!). I've been scanning about for more reasonable packages, and hopefully will come through for us at a mere $50 - but at this point, I can't start up two whole leagues from scratch.

See everybody around - don't take no wooden nickels, keep your powder dry, and all that!

* goes back to typing up schedules, rulebooks, and report templates *

Friday, August 09, 2002

Well, so much for work. My own paralegal (you'd think she'd be more productive, wouldn't you) just told me about Coffee Break Arcade, which has more time-wasting games in one place than I've ever seen in - well, in one place.

And they have the Darts game!

Thursday, August 08, 2002

He was good taking Cher to the opera in Moonstruck, and he was funny in Raising Arizona, but ever since the Academy tossed him an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, it somehow seems like Nicholas Cage has just been going through the motions. It must have finally caught up to him - he's selling his comic book collection; only 400 books, but one of them's a "really nice" copy of Action Comics #1. Gee, who knew times were so tough?

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

So here's how my night went. Sometimes politics is a fistfight, sometimes its a chess game.

To translate and (maybe) clarify - The by-law amendment under consideration (which would exempt Town building projects from the regular permitting process, i.e., no notice to abutters and no public hearings) needed a two-thirds vote to pass, which would be six votes from the Council. Only me and one other councilor, however, opposed the blatant power grab that the amendment clearly was. When the amendment came up for a vote at last week's regular meeting, though, two of the pro-amendment folks were absent - so, if it had been voted on then, it would have failed to get the necessary six votes, and would have died. No problem - at that prior meeting, a councilor simply made a motion to postpone the vote to a special meeting to be held later, in order to give all nine councilors the opportunity to debate and vote on this important issue. My protestations that the postponement was a transparent mechanism to stack the deck and put off the vote until a favorable result could be guaranteed were pooh-poohed. By a 5 - 2 vote, the Council postponed the vote on the amendment to last night.

Lo and behold, last night the other opponent of the amendment was absent (actually two councilors were absent at first; one showed up late, and just in time to vote). I noted that again, all nine councilors were not present, and would not have the opportunity to debate and vote on this important issue. If this were a compelling reason to postpone the vote a week ago, the same must be true now, right?

My motion didn't even get a freaking second. By an 7-1 vote of the Council, and against the unanimous recommendation of our own Planning Board, the Town of Franklin is now exempt from its own requirements for site plan approvals.

Someone please again tell me why I'm doing this.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. The Oakland Raiders are still pissed off about Tom Brady's fumble/non-fumble last year. HA, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!

In other, completely unrelated news, when I went out for lunch today, two guys in a van tried to sell me a pair of speakers. I can't believe this old scam is still going on.
Via memepool, the Food Timeline. Quite an interesting resource that lays out chronologically the discovery or development of popular food items and recipies; almost every link on the timeline is interesting in itself.

Where else would you learn that asparagus is about 1,400 years older than okra? Or that while mayonaise is 120 years older than tomato ketchup, mustard has them both beat by about 1,700 years? I was also interested to see that while Peeps and Ranch Dressing predate my own existence, I am older than Buffalo Wings. Huh. Good thing the celery was already around.

Monday, August 05, 2002

So, we were shopping for leather chairs this weekend. I, of course, wanted to check the net as well. Did you know that you can purchase a $400 leather bean bag chair? I didn't either. Just another indispensable little item that will have to wait for my first million. For 50 bucks, though, the inflatable Yellow Submarine chair is looking pretty tempting.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Now that everyone that I sent them to has got them (I think), and just in case anyone else in the Weird Wide World is interested, here's the track list (with my liner notes) for my MeFi/9622 CDs:

MeFi Summer 2002 CD Swap - Disc 1

dB�s - Amplifier Just an old-fashioned love song and tale of domestic bliss. And an amplifier. How come they don�t write songs like this any more?
Tones on Tail - Twist New wave meets surf guitar, and the musical world is the better for it.
David Alan Coe - The Rodeo Song Yes, he�s a disturbing racist redneck, but this is a classic singalong.
The Bears - Fear is Never Boring Again, whatever happened to love songs? Can�t anybody write any more?
The Bobs - Kill Your Television A cappella 101 - The Bobs. Fun Bobs Fact: Bass singer Richard �Bob� Greene was the only person to respond to an ad the other founders took out looking for singers to join a �new wave a cappella� band. He got the job.
Think Tree - Hire a Bird Your basic Vermont band - only one guy does all the singing, by the way.
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood Being, of course, basically Talking Heads less David Byrne. I�ve often thought this could be the MetaFilter theme song.
Earl Grant - House of Bamboo Some of you may recall Southern Culture on the Skids� version from a few years back. This is better - I think this is the original.
Mission of Burma - Revolver Similarly, some of you may recall Moby�s version from a few years back. Again, this is better - I know this one is the original.
Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band - Eugene And now, let�s go back to the �70's disco scene, when men were men and wore polyester. On second thought, let�s not.
Dead Milkmen - Instant Club Hit Now this is more like it. Choke on this, you dance-ateria types!
Louie Prima - Pennies From Heaven Because sometimes you just need some �shooby-dooby!�
The Freeze - This is Boston, Not L.A. They�re sprinkled throughout, but this little taunt kicks off a proper set of 80's-era Boston songs; from when there actually was a local music scene.
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner Best. Driving song. Ever. One reference may need some explanation: you see, AM radio used to be good.
Human Sexual Response - Land of the Glass Pinecones Behind Fenway Park there�s a street called Lansdowne, where there have always been a lot of night clubs. After shows, a lot of beer bottles mysteriously appear on the street, and so ... glass pinecones.
The Rutles - Piggy in the Middle I promised myself I wouldn�t include any Beatles. Keeping that promise was surprisingly easy; the hard part was deciding which Rutles song to do.
The Slits - Typical Girls I understand Neneh Cherry (daughter of Don, sister of Eagle-Eye) was in the Slits for a while, but not on this song. Pity, that.
Throat Culture - Easter Island Head Okay, just one more a cappella song.
The Drive - One Man Army If you�re not familiar with this 80's Boston band, it�s because the drummer and keyboardist left to raise families in the suburbs, where they now drink beer, eat barbecue, and allow nefarious friends access to their archives.
Shriekback - My Spine is the Bassline Mrs. Commish lobbied hard for a Shriekback song, and this is a good �un.
Denis Leary - Asshole I can�t think of a better way to end this little peek into my personality. Hope you enjoyed it.

9622 Summer 2002 Swap CD - Disc 2
(the bonus 9622 CD with more weirdness and three selections from "Wasting our Parents' Money - the Best of College A Cappella Humor")

Sleepy LaBeef - Too Much Monkey Business I hope I�m not the only person to use a monkey song. At least I used an obscure version.
Cheech Marin - My Name is Cheech, the School Bus Driver I don�t care how it�s marketed, when Cheech does an album with a backing band that I�d swear is Los Lobos, it�s not a �children�s album�.
Big Audio Dynamite - Bad A lot of these things drive me crazy, too.
The Housemartins - Get Up Off Our Knees This is a �cleanse the palate� song, to counteract all the �bad� stuff, before -
The Blasters - I�m Shakin� We start shakin�. Too bad these guys never had the success of their contemporaries, the Stray Cats.
Dartmouth Aires - My Name is not Merv Griffin The first BOCA (see the back cover) song. However, I thought we had already established that my name is, in fact, Cheech.
The Waterboys - Fisherman�s Blues It�s the celtic thing (with a hard �c�, not the soft �c� - the latter is a basketball player). Yeah, I wish I was a fisherman.
Screaming Blue Messiahs - I Want to be a Flintstone Check that - I want to be a Flintstone. Or even a Rubble. Preferably Barney. Mmmmm, Betty.
Five O�Clock Shadow - Inside Her Mouth Real A Cappella. It�s worth stressing - no musical instruments were used in the recording of this song. Too bad it�s got such an unfortunate title.
The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck What is a goo goo muck, anyway? Does it involve Halloween shows at the (now defunct) Channel nightclub in South Boston? I�m just askin�.
Sidestepper - Chevere Q�Chevere A more modern, and more worldly, selection. I don�t have any idea what it means, but I like it. (Bogota musicians + British DJ, by the way).
Cracker - Euro-Trash Girl Continuing the �foreign� theme - yeah, those damn Europeans will screw you over every time. ;)
BYU Vocal Point - Scottish Spring (BOCA) Speaking of Scots, did anyone watch Robin Williams Live on Broadway?
Men Without Hats - I Want to be a Cowboy No, now I have it! I want to be a cowboy! Yeah! ... my name is Ted - and one day, I�ll be dead, yo, yo, yo ... See how this all ties together now?
The Guess Who - Clap for the Wolfman No, I guess I really want to be Wolfman Jack. Admit it, you forgot about this song. Go on, it�s okay.
Connecticut College Williams Street Mix - Walk of Shame (BOCA) Yeah, I remember college. Do you remember college? I think I remember college ... We�ve all been there.
Christians - Forgotten Town After that filth, another �cleanse the palate� (and the soul) song.
Adam Sandler - Piece of Shit Car I know you�ve heard it. You may even be sick of it. It�s still funny.
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man�s Party From the days before Danny Elfman got all seduced by Hollywood, and was just writing songs and making good music.
Art of Noise and Tom Jones - Kiss On the premise that it�s important to end with a song which cannot be followed. How can you argue with the best experimental sounds group ever, combined with the greatest Welsh crooner of all time? I know I can�t.

Best Headline of the Week.

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