Monday, April 28, 2003

Random Memory from a Week in the Hospital

A lot of the aide-types who run around the hospital at all hours collecting vital signs and fluids and seem to not quite be full nurses now have their own, personalized, plastic toolboxes in which they carry around the tools of their trade and assorted what-not. I noticed one evening that the young woman who had come to take blood for samples (quite a bit of blood, actually) had just such a case, a very attractive and well-built white one, in which the inside lid was completely covered with stickers - stickers of equal parts Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and Scooby-Doo. When she was done drawing my blood into little vials, she bandaged me up nicely and placed the vials with all her tools and equipment into the case, and as she lowered the lid my blood was gently caressed by the loving arms of Scoobies and Sacred Hearts.

I mention this only to note that I've never been too sure as to precisely when "amused" or "bemused" is the more proper term.

So yes, I spent a week in the hospital as they pumped me full of antibiotics and removed the hardware holding my leg together. Bacteria from the skin had apparently migrated down one of the screw holes that never quite healed over, you see. At any rate, I'm home now and the only downsides are that I'm back to putting absolutely no weight on the leg again and I have to be hooked up to an I.V. pump for the next five weeks which will continue to pump me full of antibiotics, 24-seven. I do get a nice blue nylon bag of my own, though, with plenty of zippers and velcro.

Oh, and another downside is that you feel completely tired and worn-out all the time, so more must come later.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Just a quick update - unfortunately, the only thing to really tell is that my leg (remember my leg? I broke it a while back) has had me laid up the last three days. Last Tuesday I finally got to start physical therapy, and that was good, as was going back the next day, but it really started to hurt on Thursday. I assumed I was just reacting to the exercise and went to bed early - didn't think too much about it until I woke up Friday morning and couldn't get out of bed. Never having been too quick on the uptake, I didn't start thinking about infection until the symptoms became too numerous to ignore - localized sharp pain coupled with deep leg pain - check. Increased redness and localized swelling? Check. Extreme tenderness, oozing sores, general body ache and fatigue, with cold-like symptoms? Oh, and low-grade fever? Check, check, check, and check. So, I'll finally be going to the hospital tomorrow morning. Even in the worst of circumstances, you do not want to check into the emergency room on Saturday night or Easter Sunday morning.

And on a much lighter note, every time I watch The Ten Commandments (which, of course, I do every year at this time) I think about what a great midnight movie it would make a la Rocky Horror.

"Where's your Moses now, eh?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Well, it's about time. Finally, someone has made an online version of the Michelangelo's David Refrigerator Magnet. (via Iconomy) Now if only they'd do an Elvis my life would be complete.

Wonderful and Interesting Coincidence Department: on clicking around a bit on the parent site for the above toy, I ran across the guy who made the glass mermaid we have hanging in our kitchen but which I haven't seen for sale anywhere since we bought it on the Cape. Now I can finally order a blond one so the red-head will have someone to play Christmas-ornament volleyball with, and all our lives will be complete.

Two Additional Items of Unrelated Information

1. Enetation (the free commenting service I use) has now enabled limited html, and it seens to actually be working. Feel free to use bold, italic, and hyperlink tags at will (sorry, will!)

2. Incredibly enough, I am now the #1 Google result for "Better Name", and about four or five people come here through that search every day (in several different languages!). If it were still 1999 I betcha I could parlay that into a huge sale to somebody.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

There is of course no place for humor in war, but dammit this headline just makes we want to type this:

"My Baghdad Bag Co. got in bad with the Baghdad bigdads because of a bad sag the bags had!"

Why? Because I can.

And because "Baghdad Booby Traps" would make a great name for a band.

Sunday, April 06, 2003


Freddy proudly sports the Confederate Flag in all its racist glory, and if you squeeze his tummy, he screams "Nuke those towelheads! Kill 'em all!" Confeddy Freddy unites the North AND South in a common bloodlust. Great for tots!

The really amazing thing about this site is that it actually predates the war.

Friday, April 04, 2003


I really wanted to make the above image into a link to the liner notes for my current CD swap offering, but I realized half-way through setting it up that I had no idea how to do that. It's a little embarrassing, not to mention humbling, to occasionally run into one of them minor "walls o' knowledge" roadblocks, as in "Here stands the current limits of your knowledge and capabilities. Go no further."

So, the link goes nowhere, and here's the liner notes in boring old plaintext format:

Led Zeppelin - Your Time is Gonna Come
The old Led Zep song that popped into my head one day and served as the inspiration for and the overall theme of this little project.
Nick Lowe - All Men are Liars
From the legendary performer/producer�s 1990 album �Party of One�.
Bow Wow Wow - Louis Quatorze
A song that screams �wrong!� on so many levels, in which the title as well as the lyrics serve to remind us that singer Annabella Lwin really was only 14 at the time - oh, that wacky Malcolm MacLaren! Always manufacturing outrage and badness - still, you can�t deny the catchy beat.
Hank Williams - Your Cheatin� Heart
The original. Hank knew stuff about things.
Radiohead - Creep (acoustic)
An acoustic run-through of Radiohead�s breakout single, no doubt recorded before they got sick of playing it altogether.
Thompson Twins - Lies
You knew it was going to come up sooner or later. Here it is.
Iggy Pop - Candy
This 1990 duet with the B-52s Kate Pierson was Iggy�s only top-20 hit.
Calexico - Close Behind
An instrumental cut from the new CD by this southwestern-tinged group, which I included to both balance the other instrumental and because it sounds more like �The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly� than the original.
Grace Jones - Bullshit
I was never a real Grace fan, but this is a very-early �80s classic that deserves a spot here.
Devo - Head Like a Hole
Yes, it�s Devo, covering the Nine Inch Nails song. That about sums it up.
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Again, the only top-20 hit by a band that�s been around for a while. It was good, though.
Neneh Cherry - Buddy X
One of the many great songs from the 1992 album by Neneh (daughter of Don, sister of Eagle-Eye) Cherry.
Elvis Presley - Trouble/Guitar Man
This is how Elvis opened his 1968 comeback special on live television - slim and god-like once again in black leather; he was the King, and he was dangerous. Too bad that within ten years he would be, first, a fat parody of himself in white sequins and then, dead.
The Henry Rollins Band - Liar
Besides this song, Henry Rollins is know for leading Black Flag, giving spoken-word concerts, having way too many tattoos and absolutely no neck.
Southern Culture on the Skids - Theme from �The Cheaters�
SCOTS� perfect �title track to a movie that has not yet been made.�
Sex Pistols - Liar
One of the few songs on the Sex Pistols� one and only album that wasn�t a single first, which is rather odd since they all in fact sound about the same.
John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth
The 3-song �redemption suite� kicks off with this reminder that John was both a peaceful dreamer and an angry rebel. It�s from �Imagine�, after all.
The Call - I Still Believe
Probably the best �80s-era band from Oklahoma. This is almost too earnest, but it will always be one of my favorite songs.
Morphine - Cure for Pain
Finally, bringing it all back down with the late Mark Sandman�s final lament to the inevitable, but somehow reassuring, pain shared by us all.

As you can (hopefully) see, I went for a "theme" this time. If anyone outside of my swap group wants a copy, drop me an email (the address is inside my profile at MetaFilter if you're a member, or inside any of my comments here or at The standard barter system generally applies (eye for an eye, cd for a cd) but we've already established a going rate of one (1) interesting post card from your current place of residence (and which is germane to your place of residence; preferably in a humorous, interesting, or informative fashion) for persons without access to a cd burner or otherwise without proper coin of the realm).

In other music news,
Dozens of Fans Walked Out of a Pearl Jam Concert
after lead singer Eddie Vedder admitted that Pearl Jam hadn't been particularly relevant since 1994, and that they really hadn't been any good even back then. Several concertgoers booed and shouted Tuesday night for Vedder to shut up as he tried, for about the ten millionth time, to make some small part of the lyrics of his own songs intelligible. During the show, Vedder said: "Just to clarify... arrgble shbebbin dzh hubebbelin. Ebenso."

Actually, Eddie has already replied to the charge that "dozens" of fans stormed out in protest of his own protestations against Bush in general and the war in particular, and I find his own story a little more convincing (he makes some sense, and is a lot easier to understand, when he's not singing).

I don't doubt that a reporter angling for a story was able to find several of the patrons among the bunch that always leave during the encore who were willing to talk to him; I also don't doubt that at least a few of them were perfectly willing to express their outrage at the actions of the singer (and I use the word loosely) in daring to criticise the policies of our country's Chief Executive, and to say that they had walked out in protest thereof.

However, you lose a few points in the believability score when you first pay for admission to and attend a concert of a band whose latest album really does feature a song called "Bushleaguer", the lyrics of which say that the President is "not a leader/he's a Texas leaguer", and only afterwards express outrage at the political stance of the band when it does come out.

In law, the theory is called "acceptance of the risk", meaning that anyone who really thought they might have been offended by Eddie's political views should have given that some thought before they went to the show. In the same fashion as anyone who might have been offended by the music itself, or its delivery. I mean, you didn't see me there, did you?

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