Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I am pissed, and yes, I'll be glad to tell you all why. You see, I've written about them here. I've posted about them on MetaFilter, and even over on 9622.net. Yes, I would have to say that I have thoroughly done my part to spread the good word on the intarweb, but now that the Connecticut eXtreme Croquet Society has finally gotten themselves written up in the Smithsonian magazine, the article is not posted online! No, don't even look - it's not there. It should be, with all three pictures, under the "Points of Interest" heading, instead of, perhaps, that stupid article about Lewis and Clark's compass.

Oh, well. Here's an excerpt, anyway:

[My brother-in-law] Bob Warseck, a 6-foot-7-inch executive headhunter ... is not merely one of the Connecticut game's founding fathers, but also it's archfiend. In the third game of today's match, he gets to the finish post first, as is often the case, and becomes "poison", which means that he can turn back and hunt down his fellow players. Victory also earns him six points, and since, by the arcane rules of the game, he has minus-five points from the previous round, Warseck lifts both arms and cries, "Back in the plus column! Time to dish out the negativos." "Anything that's good for Bob is bad for society," mutters Bruce Fitzgerald. Warseck protests his innocence, but evil beams demoniacally from both eyes. "It doesn't really make him a bad person," another player suggests. To which Fitzgerald glumly adds: "It just acknowledges that he is a bad person."

Warseck takes a long, improbable shot over a ridge and down across some gnarled roots. The ball rolls slowly, agonizingly, poisonously, toward Fitzgerald's ball, hesitates, and then delivers a decorous kiss of death.

"Oh, this is so much fun," says Warseck.

- copyright 2003 by Richard Conniff; for more, why not go out and buy the damn magazine?

Friday, September 19, 2003

Yes, I know I've been a very bad wannabe blogger. In my defense, I've been thinking really, really, hard about writing something interesting, so that should count for something.

Of course, right now is a little crazy, what with the Fantasy Football thing up and running again (but I wouldn't be the commish without it!) plus work, life, and all the other stuff, which at the moment includes two new cats and still trying to recover from the damn broken leg. At some point, there will be a multi-picture post of the new cats, and maybe, just maybe, a photo-essay of The Leg and How It Is Being Healed (I really have been thinking about doing that one).

In the meantime, don't forget that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrr.

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