Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Talk About Anti-Climactic

After almost two days of counting, guess which of the four possible outcomes I set out below for the really big recount turned out to be the one that actually happened? We all went up a little bit, so I still won. Yay, me. It's not quite as satisfying as "I go up and they go down", but it's at least worth some karma points that I went up more than they did. Again, if anyone's interested, here's the revised totals:

Vallee: 1,921
Feeley: 1,712
Doak: 1,648
Pfeffer: 1,631
Cheli: 1,578
Renzi: 1,566
Bartlett: 1,543
Geromini: 1,505
Evans: 1,429
Eccher: 1,412
LeBlanc: 1,410
Benedetto: 1,288
Helgaard: 1,222
Harvey: 1,205
Yoder: 771

So, bottom line, I went from having a 13-vote margin of victory to having a much more imposing 17-vote margin of victory. Accordingly, I plan on viewing this as an overwhelmingly popular mandate in support of my own policies and personal viewpoints.

It's democracy in action, you know.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Look upon my words, ye MeFites, and despair.

Mark this day, friends and fellow travelers.

For this is the day that my place of employment finally blocked access to www.metafilter.com.

About damn time, really. Oh well; back to work, then, I suppose.

Election Controversy Moves into the Boston Globe. Next stop, the New York Times. As reported within the comments below, the recount will be held this Friday; I have been officially notified that I may have up to eight "observers" present to watch the recount.

Any volunteers?

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Oh, Like No One Saw This Coming

Amazingly enough, my two closest opponents in this week's election have demanded a recall.

I was not contacted by the newspaper for my reaction before this story was printed. I was also not contacted by either of the two gentlemen.

Ordinarily, I would say in this situation something along the lines of "It's certainly their right and prerogative, and I understand why they want to go through with it. I welcome the opportunity to put any questions to rest, so that we can about the business of the Town". However, since no one had the nerve or even the common courtesy to even give me a freaking phone call in advance, I'll say what I really think: It's a pathetic, selfish, waste of the Town's money and everyone's time.

Even assuming that the votes were in fact miscounted (for every candidate), there are only four possible outcomes for a recount:

1. We all go up a little. I still win.
2. We all go down a little. I still win.
3. I go up a little, they both go down a little. I still win, plus they look like even bigger fools.
Finally, 4. I go down a little, one of them goes up a little. Here, one of them might win. However, in all cases including this one the Town has had to pay for the recount at a time when everybody is whining about funds, and you come across for having dragged it out looking like a spoiled whiner and thereby squandering any political capital you might have had otherwise.

Arrgh. Maybe I'll write more about this later, but doing at least this much was oddly cathartic.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

You know (of course) what you call the guy who graduated last place in his class at medical school - "a Doctor". Similarly, you call the guy who gets the lowest passing score on the bar exam "a Lawyer".

So, you know what you call the Town Council candidate who gets the ninth-most votes out of a field of 15? Councilor, of course.

Here's the vote totals, if anyone is really interested:

Vallee - 1913
Feeley - 1712
Doak - 1641
Pfeffer - 1625
Cheli - 1567
Renzi - 1561
Bartlett - 1526
Geromini - 1497
Evans - 1419
LeBlanc - 1406
Eccher - 1404
Benedetto - 1287
Helgaard - 1219
Harvey - 1204
Yoder - 768

Three points are worthy of note, perhaps. In a Town of 30,000 some-odd residents, and over 18,000 registered voters, only 3,232 of them showed up to vote for the highest elected officials in Town (you can vote for up to nine candidates, but you don't have to vote for that many). 1,419 of them apparently thought enough of the job I have done for the last four years to want me to do it for another two. And, the fact that 14 fewer people wanted Michael LeBlanc to do it is what means I am and he's not.

I think I'll change my nick to "Landslide".

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